Building Collapse Accidents – A Look at Recent Building Collapse Accidents in the U.S.


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This month, there have been countless deaths in the U.S. in building collapse situations. Earlier this month, a Philadelphia building collapse killed 6 people and injured over a dozen more. Several days later, a deck attached to a restaurant collapsed in South Florida. At least two dozen people were injured.

Building or structure collapse situations are nothing new. In fact, 13 years ago, three young women were killed when a pier underneath a Philadelphia bar/nightclub collapsed into the Delaware River. In 2000, a pier collapsed, sending dozens of patrons and employees into the river. There was evidence that the pier showed instability in the weeks and days before the collapse. The owner of the pier and manager of the bar were criminally charged with third-degree murder and eventually accepted plea deals.

In addition to these building collapse accidents, the Pennsylvania area experienced another major construction collapse in 2003, when a parking structure at the Tropicana hotel and casino in Atlantic City collapsed, killing 4 workers and injuring over two dozen more. Laffey, Bucci & Kent firm partner, Paul Bucci, served as counsel to several of the workers and their families in one of the largest construction collapse settlements in U.S. history.

Two years ago, a stage collapsed at the Indiana State Fair. A music band was just about to get on stage at a fair in Indiana, when the stage collapsed onto fair goers. Seven people were killed and nearly 60 people injured. Later, it was determined that the collapse was due to the inadequate capacity of the load resisting system and concrete barriers used as anchors were not fixed in place. Wind caused the barriers to move from their original positions, which allowed the top of the structure to lean. Eventually, the structure collapsed under its own weight.


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