Who is the best dock accident lawyer for your case?


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Choosing the best lawyer for a work accident case such as a dock or marine terminal accident case depends on many factors. Choosing the best lawyer for a dock accident case boils down to three main factors: experience, reputation and service.

Experience: the best lawyer for a given accident case has experience handling similar types of cases. For example, in a dock or marine terminal accident, find a lawyer who has handled at least one or two similar cases. If the accident involved a forklift, find a lawyer who has handled forklift accident cases.

Reputation: Search the internet for information about the lawyer before you hire them. Call the local bar association and ask if you can find any information about complaints made against that lawyer. Also ask the lawyer for at least three former clients who would be willing to give a review or testimonial. Online reviews, especially anonymous ones, should not be trusted.

Service: Lawyers are servants, with one job – to serve their clients. All good lawyers know this. A lawyer who acts as though the client owes them something is not the best lawyer for a case.

Also, there is a gut-check factor. If you meet with a lawyer who doesn’t leave you with a good impression, that lawyer probably is not the best lawyer for your case. Trust your gut.


Marine Terminal/Dock Work Accident Lawyers

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Here’s what former clients have to say about the work accident lawyers at our firm:

Review of Jeff Laffey (Union Carpenter) “Jeff stood by me every step of the way to ensure I was taken care of. He was friendly, understanding, and treated me with respect ..” -Michael

Review Brian Kent (Work Accident Case) “I would like to thank Brian and his staff for making this process as stress-free and painless as they could. I would highly recommend Brian Kent to handle any workplace safety accident case.” -Joe

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