Power Tool Recalls & Avoiding Power Tool Accidents – The Importance of Registering Products


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It is a major problem in recent years. Many types of power tools have been recalled for one reason or another.  Also, power tools are inherently dangerous. Table saws, bandsaws, etc., can cause fatal injuries in a matter of seconds. The problem is that many power tool users simply do not learn about recalls and unknowingly use dangerous products. Therefore, power tool users may be unwittingly be putting themselves in harm’s way.

Below are some recent recalls:

  • 2011: 300,000 Ryobi sheet sanders, recalled due to laceration hazard
  • 2007: 97,000 DeWalt framing saws, recalled due to blade guard failure
  • 2007: 37,000 DeWalt circular saws, recalled due to blade guard failure

In addition, in 2013, two Ryobi brand battery chargers and battery packs were recalled due to an overheating hazard. Click here to learn more about the Ryobi battery recalls.

Here are two things all power tool users should do to increase the chances of learning about important power tool recalls:

1. Register all power tools.

By registering power tools, consumers will be sent important information about recalls. Otherwise, power tool users simply have no dependable way of knowing whether a power tool or part was recalled.

2. Check your local hardware store for recalls.

Many stores have message boards which contain details about recent power tool recalls. Large do-it-yourself hardware and home improvement stores often put these message boards near the front entrances or near the customer service desk. Make it a habit to check each time you visit.

Power Tool Accidents & Manufacturer Liability – Can You Sue to Recover for Injuries?

Under most states’ laws, power tool manufacturers may be held liable for defective tools which lead to injury. In addition, other parties may also be held liable, including:

  • power tool importers,
  • power tool distributors,
  • power tool retailers, and
  • power tool component part manufacturers.

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