I was attacked by a drunk outside a bar. Is the bar liable?


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The answer depends on the facts. In order for a bar or restaurant to be held liable for a fight which occurs outside the premises, there must be some negligence on the part of the bar. The key is proving that the bar should have reasonably anticipated the fight. Factors which weigh in favor of finding the bar liable include:

  • negligently serving alcohol to someone with known aggressive tendencies, or
  • ejecting a drunk patron under circumstances in which bar employees increased the risk of harm.

A recent Pennsylvania (federal) court found in favor of the injured plaintiff in a bar fight lawsuit. There, the bar’s security ejected a group. One member of the group later attacked the plaintiff, causing serious injuries. The court denied the bar’s motion to dismiss the case (summary judgment motion). Click here to read more about bar liability for fights outside the premises.

In any bar or restaurant liability case, it is crucial to get the case evaluated immediately. Locating witnesses is often one of the most important aspects of a bar/restaurant liability case.

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