ABC News, May 31, 2019


ABC News interviewed Laffey, Bucci & Kent attorney and former Montgomery County assistant district attorney Stew Ryan as part of a discussion with current and former sex crimes prosecutors, high-profile defense attorneys, and sexual assault experts about the case against Kevin Spacey in Massachusetts.

When asked about the jury trial, Ryan said, “In the context of a jury trial, there is nothing that is more important than the [alleged] victim being able to look the jury in the eye[s], and the jury being able to look [the alleged victim] in the eye. That common sense, gut feeling when you look someone in the eye and decide whether they are telling the truth is paramount in these cases.”

Ryan also added: “I believe that we are in a place right now where the cult of celebrity is not as powerful as it once was. When you hear the facts in a case like this, the aura of celebrity is very easily stripped away.”

Spacey has been accused of sexually assaulting a young man who was working as a busboy at the Club Car bar and restaurant in Nantucket, Mass.

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